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, Brett Kahr found 19 per cent of people fantasise about being watched during sex; another five per cent fantasise about stripping in public.

It may be hard to imagine now, but back in 1973 many people thought women didn't have sexual fantasies at all.

Partner fantasies make up the last large group: that is, sex with just one particular partner.

In a lot of cases, this means your own actual partner. Mia More, editor of women’s erotica site Cliterati, which was founded by Dubberley, adds: “We receive many erotic stories featuring two strangers in all sorts of sexual situations, and it’s not unusual for the tale to end with a twist: the two people concerned are actually a very happy couple, and the experience explored was a mutual fantasy – it’s like a guaranteed happy ending.” These fantasies also cover particular partners: otherwise 'normal' sex with David Bowie, for example, or some other imaginary mate. Gender and sexual fluidity makes a strong appearance: people who are normally straight fantasising about gay sex, and vice versa; dressing up as or having the sex organs of another sex, and so on.

Dominant fantasies, by contrast, are ones in which the person fantasising is the one in charge: being in control of an erotic slave, perhaps, or simply calling the shots in bed.

Cuckolding also falls into this realm, with women fantasising about cheating on their partners.

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