Camera caught having hidden people sex

The total duration of the footage of Ms K shown in the programme was approximately 31 seconds.

Ms K was neither shown nor discussed in any other section of the programme.

CCTV footage of Ms K and a man entering a lift and then Ms K performing oral sex on him was shown.

This was interwoven with footage of the same CCTV operator being interviewed.

It’s not clear if the couple having sex were put off by the intruders or if they continued, as the car soon speeds away.

Despite their giggles, the holidaymakers reportedly called the police to report what they’d seen.

The broadcaster said that, given the man’s attempt to cover the cameras and the fact that the cameras were not covert and were prominent and easily visible, it therefore seemed reasonable to assume that Ms K and the man were aware that the cameras were recording them.

If you’re having an affair I guess you probably wouldn’t expect the guy whose house you’re selling to have rigged it with hidden cameras JUST IN CASE something like this happens, but it just goes to show you can never be too careful when engaging in illicit behaviour.He explained that when people are having sex in a lift: “they don’t give a shit about the camera, they don’t care about the camera. The CCTV footage then showed the man leaving the lift and fastening up his trousers.A third CCTV operator was shown at this point admitting that she herself had been caught having sex in public.Geez, what cheapskates, you’d think they could at least get a room every now and again.Although it’s entirely possible they thought that Weiner was such a weiner that he would never figure it out or do anything about it.

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Ofcom has rejected a claim that Channel 4 infringed the privacy of a pregnant Southampton woman by broadcasting CCTV footage of her administering drunken oral pleasure to a chap in a tower block lift.

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