Cancer man dating capricorn woman

In the meantime go about your life like you did before he came along. We speak to each other with out even using words at times..

Externally, the Scorpio woman can be restrained, and even cold, but a real flame of feelings is burning in her soul, and who, if not the Cancer man to know this!

But when I found out that he was sill married, but separated from his wife, I called it off!

He insisted that I was wrong, so I felt bad and apologized!

The compatibility horoscope calls them a lucky pair, because they just met, but have already won the happy lottery. He is emotionally unstable, his mood can change very fast, depending on the strength of his internal feelings and external factors.

He is very affectionate with his lady and knows how to show his feelings in such a way that she feels his love in new ways every day.

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