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She was offering, so I headed to the fridge and grabbed myself a bottle. I pulled up the covers and tried to settle into the unfamiliar bed.

I was somewhere between awake and asleep when I heard it.

She was gorgeous, had great tits, and it was general knowledge that she was very much bisexual.

What was also general knowledge – even though they had never openly stated it – was that she was sleeping with my sister.

Holly was holding her phone out, facing me, when I walked in the room.

The text message from our mother was hardly surprising. I should have gone with you.”Jemma laughed and said, “Glad you didn’t.

All I really needed was a bed while I was in town, so it would work fine.

It was even more intense because I could hear Jemma’s cries growing louder – more strained. I clenched my teeth and winced at the uncomfortable sensation of my cock throbbing within the confines of my underwear.

Not long after, she came again – her voice even louder. She must have come five times before the sound from the other end of the trailer died down. I lay there with a vision of my sister devouring her redheaded friend in my head the whole time.

It wasn’t the first time I’d thought of my sister that way, either.

There was way I was jacking off in a borrowed bed at my sister’s place – let alone to the sounds of her having sex.

Despite that, I strained my ears, listening for every little whimper I could hear. There was a brief pause in the sound, and then I heard Jemma start moaning and groaning again.

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As the sleep fog cleared, I realized it was the shower running.

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