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The pair were later spotted out at dinner in New York City on September 16, and they took a trip to Disney World together with their children the following week.

Kaspersky Lab and B2B International jointly researched online dating site users’ patterns of behavior and the threats they encounter.

Problems can be manifold, from unpleasant conversations to real cyberthreats. Many visitors to dating sites and users of dating apps still do not consider them all that reputable and thus don’t want their friends or family to see their profiles.

According to our research, 5% of visitors hide their dating activity from their partners, and another 3% try to discover if their partners or spouses are using a dating site or service.

If we consider that the likelihood of an encounter grows with more messages received, it’s no wonder both men and women embellish their photos and profiles.

However, it’s not just the desire to find a new partner quickly that inclines people to lie.

It looks like Drake and supermodel Bella Hadid might be a thing.

According to a recent report from Life & Style, the two celebs have been "secretly dating" since June, and things have gotten fairly serious.

Not much was said about their outing, but it now appears that could have very easily been a real date.And across the board, people lie about age, social status, and the like. A survey discovery we found particularly interesting, though, is that liars are more deeply wounded by lies told to them than honest folks are.It seems dishonest users understand better than honest ones how much the truth can change someone’s online profile.In the past Justin has been 'lead astray' or let's say gone off the rails behaviour wise in different relationships.Carl wants to help Justin rebuild his life in a solid way and the woman he is with - his romantic partner - has a big influence on him.

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