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After all, the playoffs were in full swing, and he's the local hero, so the visceral reaction was to pile on against her.The got the ball rolling, bringing up strip clubs (she'd been a waitress years before).0,000 to wash his hands and then longterm child support pending a paternity test is what he was looking at.It would have been so simple, and out of the media spotlight.She sat with his visiting father on at least one occasion, and Dirk's also met her mother from St. The two lovebirds became engaged this past New Year's Eve, a mere five months ago.

She's attended games, sitting in his personal seats.

And we better understand Nowitzki's diligent training and competitive fire that happen to be teamed with a self-deprecating humor rather than self-aggrandizing personality.

UPDATE: A September 3rd announcement revealed the result of a new pregnancy test requested by Dirk Nowitzki and ordered by a Texas judge in late July.

Apparently administered in Missouri, it showed that his ex-fiancée was not pregnant at the time of the new test.

Cristal Taylor was first tested -- by jail officials -- when booked in Dallas on May 6th.

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