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Examples of a Baltimore clipper Bark: A vessel square-rigged on all but the aftermost mast, which is fore-and-aft rigged. Most were three-masted, some were four- or five-masted vessels.Before the mid 18th century the term Barque was also often used for any three-masted vessel not fitting any other accepted nomenclature or category.

Coble: A small clinker-built open fishing vessel from the North-Eastern coast of England and Scotland.

The smaller battil featured a long stem topped by a large, club-shaped stemhead and a sternpost decorated with cowrie shells and leather.

The badan was a much smaller and single-masted, shallow draught boat, used for fishing and oyster diving.

Also bootschip in Dutch, literally translated as 'boatship". Brigantine: A two-masted vessel with square sails on the foremast and fore-and-aft sails on the mainmast. In the 17th century the term Brigantine was also used to describe any variety of small two-masted square-rigged vessels. Caravel: A relatively small but highly manoeuvrable Portuguese vessel of the 15th and 16th centuries setting lateen sails on two, three, or four masts and sometimes setting a single square sail on the foremast.

Buss: A relatively large two- or sometimes three-masted European sailing vessel dating from the late 15th through the 17th century, used mainly for the North-Sea herring fishery. When lateen-rigged was classified as a 'caravela latina', when modified as a square-rigged vessel was classified as a 'caravela redonda'.

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