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This means he’s in charge of forming a coalition government with the Greens and Socialists and if all goes to plan he’ll become prime minister within the next few weeks.

Frightened as well as amused onlookers viewers took to the comments to have their say on the massive arachnid.'They got the biggest teeth I ever seen on a Spider, wouldn't ever wanna be bitten by one!?

Mr Bettel also wants Luxembourg to legalise equal marriage in 2014. At the moment in Luxembourg, we have to go through the situation of weddings, religion and divorce laws.

But I don’t think it’ll be in the next five years – it’ll be next year.” Mr Bettel said attitudes in Luxembourg had shifted substantially in recent years – to a point where sexual orientation was no longer an issue for most of the country’s voters.

"He eventually rummaged his way to my son's house across the road," said Mr Gorman.

"His eyesight is very bad, and usually my son has a light on, but he didn't have it on at the time.

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'What we don’t know is which of the allergies had most effect.

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