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Oh and I also had a question on South Korean women.I produce television commercials for a living so I love anything related to video or film.I hope they're conservative and traditional enough since I hear Japanese women make the best wives and mothers. The youngest, sexiest Filipinas will usually screw you around so its better to choose an average looking woman. My wife is from Northern Luzon and is pretty ideal.And I find Japanese to be prettier on average than most Chinese and don't have this constant need for their spouse to support their poor rural family with money like Chinese or Southeast Asian women do. I've never been to the Southern Philippines or any of the other islands yet (time & finances would not allow it at this point) but I am quite curious as to what the differences are between Southern, Eastern, Western and Northern Filipina girls.But I do think once you snag once, chances are good for going the distance. I married an American white woman and she completely changed when she went back to college.But it can be doable - If you want more advice on Filippinas, correspond with our resident posters who married them - Davewe, Outwest, Pete - If you want more advice on Chinese, correspond with Kai1275 - If you want more advice on Vietnam girls, contact Falcon - You might spread your net to include serious Christian girls from S. But those countries are very developed with low birthrates so it's not as easy. She goes to another store and sees a shirt for and says, "OMG that's so expensive!She was always a little controlling and ultra-feminist. I started dating and was appalled at how not only selfish women are here but also how they openly admit it and brag about it.

Also, does it matter if your girl is Isinay, Ilocano, Bukalot, of partial Spanish or Chinese background or a mixture of several tribes and nationalities?

I want someone marriage minded and committed to family. OK, now you've wasted your youth on some pretty feminist girl, you hope to find a foreign girl to "love you" - But on the other hand watch the movie "her" and get a virtual wife now, then a robot wife soon! If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters." Cato the Elder These are all very helpful replies. I do want someone who is cute but she doesn't have to be a supermodel.

That being said I think someone who is attractive can have a good heart too.

I do get plenty of attention from average girls here in the states and even some pretty attractive ones too sometimes.

However, most have pretty bad personalities and are deeply damaged individuals.

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