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I still love her because I could have been a better husband but situations come up ( I lost my job ) but to all make sure u are really in love and don't rush to marry if u really aren't sure about the person like I was. The issue with Brazil is that it is a bit hardened to get to. But right now it is just too much fun making a trip every two months to see a beautiful latineuro girl or girls !!!!!!! The main 3 dating sites are Amolatina, Brazil Cupid, and Latineuro..I married her more because in order for her to stay we had to be married in a 90 day period. .I have been going down to the DR and Colombia and to Brazil but to a lesser extent there. I have been using the Latineuro site now for as long as I can remember and what a great resource of beautiful and friendly girls they have . Of the 3 Amolatina is the hardest to get to actually talk to a woman without spending a fortune. I know their home office is in Russia, and you must purchase credits, just to send emails without personal contact information allowed. For 25 dollars, you can get the actual phone number and email address of 10 women, and make an immediate phone call upon purchase.Must say that Medellin girls are off the charts nice I'm a dominican woman who used this site to find a good man from another country, and i did. Mostly due to the terrorist attack in san Bernardino here in calif.But when i tried to deleted my profile i couldnt do it. I made myself very clear in that I was looking for someone to create a relationship that would lead to marriage.. You have to be honest in your conversations and hopefully they are too. If you would like to get some tips post a not in Latin euro's Facebook page.

Like I said earlier u never know what's in a persons heart or if they have an agenda. I was thinking about retiring down there somewhere. I have been using the main dating sites on the internet for the past 10 years or so..

I have been using Latineuro for over 15 years to meet beautiful women all over the world.

The women are real, and if you come off as a real respectful person, you can meet a lot of them.

Personally, I don't think it is only the girls' pictures that are fun to look at, but equally their brief bio. But out of the many pretty girls and their funny bios, I was able to settle on one particular picture.

I must say, I am glad I did because she is a charm! We have been together for almost a year and half - No hiccup! We see that you have been on the site for 15 years.

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