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Now district savings is at its lowest level in 17 years.

Looking back I guess it was not important enough to reduce savings to cover overcrowding at the southern schools but it was ok to reduce the amount in savings this year to build the tennis courts, upgrade the sports facility, add more staff and new parking lots.

We follow their advice at our peril of returning to the "bad old days" of the 1980's and 1990's when violent crime soared. While criminal justice "reform" advocates cheer the release of a convicted murderer, I will be thinking about and praying for the family of her victim. --Chris Seufert Platte County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney EDITOR: I was disappointed that Platte County does not recognize the need for more services.

If you need a case study on the results of shorter sentences for violent crimes, look no further than Jackson County where nearly 150 murders were committed this year. People with money are flocking to Platte County and those people have storage needs that cannot be met at their own homes.

That’s million less than they had back in 2008 when the district had 1,000 fewer students .

In 20 the district had about million in savings.

Kajstura want to let these offenders out of prison sooner or not send them to prison at all.

Criminal justice "reform" is not about drug or property crimes, which almost never result in prison sentences for first time offenders.

It is about shorter prison sentences for violent, sex and career criminals.

I promise you the typical person who is convicted of drug possession in a tough, law-and-order jurisdiction like Platte County does not go to prison for a day, much less the 5.7 years as cited in the article.

First time drug possession offenders almost always get probation or drug court.

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You can sign up at the R-3 district office until Jan 16.

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