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Mansell excels at creating relationships that are dynamic and complicated." -Savvy Verse and Wit With over 9 million copies sold, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Mansell writes irresistible and funny romantic tales for women in the tradition of Marian Keyes and Sophie Kinsella.

She worked for many years at the Burden Neurological Hospital, Bristol, and now writes full time.

Turning left, Tyler Klein worked out, would lead you back up to the village of Hestacombe. As he took the right turn, Tyler heard the sound of running feet and giggling. ""Maybe." He'd assumed they were boys, but one had had longer hair than the other. Just pick out a dress and some shoes then let yourself out of the house. Finally, triumphantly, she reemerged carrying a scrunched-up pink dress, a pair of flat silver sandals and a yellow-and-white-striped bath towel."It wasn't us," Nat blurted out."Really.

Rounding the first bend in the lane, he saw two small children twenty or thirty yards away, clambering over a stile. You can be back here in ten minutes.""I can't do this." Tyler shook his head. Funny how they happened to be in the backyard then, isn't it? So you can forget about going to the balloon festival this weekend, and you won't be getting any allowance either.""But it was somebody else," squealed Ruby."This man says it was you.

Then he smiled, because once his vision had had time to adjust he saw that it was Lottie, wearing a new turquoise bikini, rolling lazily over in the water like a sun-seeking porpoise. That's what happens when you have kids who are hell-bent on joining the SAS. "Water from her hair was dripping into her clear hazel eyes, glistening on her tanned skin. Ruby chimed in, "It wasn't us."Tyler looked over at Lottie Carlyle. Catching his concerned expression, she rolled her eyes. "Last week they were playing with a slingshot in the bathroom and the mirror happened to get broken. Neither of them did that either.""Mum, this time we really didn't take your clothes," said Ruby."No? Because he saw you," Lottie explained, "and unlike you two, he doesn't tell lies.By the time he reached the stile they'd scurried out of sight, no doubt having taken some shortcut back to the village following their dip in the lake. As Ruby stalked past him she muttered, "You're the big liar." (Continues...) Excerpted from Making Your Mind Up by Jill Mansell. Her gentle humor and enormous heart always ensure a treat for her readers...The lane opened out into a sandy clearing that sloped down to meet a small artificial beach. The course of true love may not run smoothly, but there is no doubt every moment of the ride will be memorable." - RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars"Making Your Mind Up is a heart warming story that kept me engrossed, made me laugh, teared me up, and in the end made me feel good." - Sue's Spaces"What Mansell does so well is tell different love stories focused on the same theme, with multiple narrators, in a way that feels fresh." - Vox Libris"Making Your Mind Up is an apt title for this quirky love story.Freddie Masterson had had this constructed several years ago, chiefly for the benefit of visitors to his lakeside vacation cottages, but also — as Tyler had just witnessed — to be enjoyed by the inhabitants of Hestacombe. There's drama, of course, but overall this is a pretty light read, filled with Mansell's sense of humor." - Drey's Library"A funny, charming romance about the perils of dating in the age of blended families." - For the Love of Books"Jill Mansell gives readers lively dialog, an idyllic English village setting, and funny situations.Shielding his eyes from the glare of the afternoon sun as it bounced off the lake, Tyler saw a girl in a bright turquoise bikini floating lazily on her back in the water. Moments later, as Tyler watched, the girl turned onto her front and began to swim slowly back to shore. No, where Sean Connery observes Ursula Andress emerging goddess-like from a tropical sea. Unwilling to concede defeat, Tyler said, "They could have come down for a paddle. Diamonds don't dissolve in water." Impatiently she shook back her hair to show him the studs glittering in her earlobes. This is a super beach read, and would work well for book groups that like to discuss relationships and family life." - Thoughts from an Evil Overlord"Jill Mansell's booksmake me happy...

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