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Then she watched in eager anticipation, waiting for me to cum. I felt her breasts crushed against my chest, and her hands roamed up and down my back.I thrust as deep as I could and didn't hold back as I came. She held me tightly against her, milking me with her pussy to intensify my pleasure. She whispered into my ear, encouraging me as I came.'The mask was a little bit of a tight fit, and my face ended up in her hair'" "the mask" is the giant tiger head.He's saying it was a tough fit to get both heads into the same mask (if "mask" is the word).Both have their strengths, but I'm curious which came first.Someone said this was "one of the first stories on Literotica. Next "Rightbank" asked: "and, inside a closed costume, why was he wearing a mask?

We'll see how long it takes for Mom and Dad to find you." She tried to reach her back to unzip the costume, but she couldn't stretch that far.When I was nineteen, my family went to a costume party. She wasn't usually this "cozy" with me, maybe the alcohol was affecting her. I threw the alien suit into the corner and stood there in my boxers.I had always thought those were lame, and I wasn't looking forward to wearing a costume. "I ripped my suit too." She looked at the tear running up my leg. But I was never one to turn down intimate contact with a hot girl. I stepped inside the suit and suddenly felt the warmth from Erin's body.She had a drink in her hand, which she could barely hold through her tiger costume. I unzipped the costume and shut the door behind us. I watched in total shock as she kicked them off and stood before me completely naked. "I don't think it would help me any." We stood there quietly, in front of the bathroom sink, crushed against each other. "But I'm not wearing much under here either." She shrugged. " I took another look at her panties, and the shapely ass inside of them, and immediately took the suit off, glancing around to make sure no one could see us.

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