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"The Farnsworth Invention," original drama; written by Aaron Sorkin; original music by Andrew Lippa; with Hank Azaria (portraying David Sarnoff); Jimmi Simpson (portraying Philo T.Farnsworth); Nadia Bowers (portraying Lizette Sarnoff and Mary Pickford and Others); James Sutorius (portraying Russian Officer and William Crocker ...It reached the point where Newsroom writer Alena Smith took to Twitter to describe being kicked out of the writers’ room for objecting to the storyline, apparently mad enough about Sorkin’s misstep to burn her bridges with the man. “You can’t criticize Sorkin without turning into one of his characters,” she said, describing Sorkin casting her in the role of The Newsroom’s Twitter-addicted millennial straw-girl Hallie. The Internet because that’s the easiest to make a supercut of but that’s just because the Internet is the easiest tool for the Anonymous Hordes to make their voices heard.But of course if Sorkin’s critics end up playing the roles of Sorkin’s fictional antagonists, it’s surely even more true that Sorkin ends up in the shoes of his own protagonists—that he’s his own Jed Bartlet, his own Matt Albie, and now his own Will Mc Avoy.***It’s striking to see how often Sorkin’s stories revolve around the theme of One Man (and yes, it is always a man, and a middle-class intellectual white man to boot) vs. The Anonymous Hordes still suck in every other arena though. See the proto-West Wing, the 1995 film The American President, where the climactic, triumphal moment is the president saying he will ignore all political deal-making in order to massively slash fossil fuels and enact comprehensive gun control, even personally going door to door to “get every gun” if necessary.(I can personally recall the sheer wrath with which I was greeted when I was playing video games in the dorm lounge while The West Wing’s series finale was about to air.) The Newsroom has been dogged by relentless criticism since its pilot, to the point where Sorkin, while keeping a happy face on the situation, nonetheless has come out and said it may be the end of his career in television.But even for a widely criticized show it was shocking to see the massive storm of universal opprobrium its penultimate episode, “Oh, Shenandoah,” generated for its incredibly clumsy handling of campus rape right when real newsrooms were being rocked by the Rolling Stone/UVA revelations.He’s quite upset that people have read him snarking about Michael Fassbender’s junk, that some Asians—by which I mean every other Asian I’ve talked to about this—are upset that he said “There are no Asian movie stars,” oh, and especially that he dissed every actress who’s ever won Best Actress by saying it’s a less meaningful award than Best Actor. From what I know from a history of on-again-off-again loving/hating Sorkin, there’s probably two things neck-and-neck for pissing Sorkin off this year—what happened to his fictional treatment of journalism, The Newsroom, and actual journalists in actual newsrooms.

No one, for instance, is saying that the right thing to do would be to dump the dox of the Sony leaked emails everywhere and let everyone do what they want with all of it.ACN stands stalwart in refusing to allow the plebs to hijack their Old Media power for New Media concerns, be it in their dismissive attitude toward Occupy Wall Street protesters or to college students who want to come out on TV.Consider how some of the biggest stories of recent years have been about presidential candidates or corporate executives having their overheard remarks caught and publicized.Every bad thing that happens to our friends at The Newsroom ultimately happens largely because they’re forced to chase ratings with a viewership composed of stupid Americans who won’t just shut up and listen to the truth. See how this leads to thunderous, bipartisan applause, which, as actual American President Barack Obama noted, is not how it would go down in real life.Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip failed largely because it was about a comedian who saw his comedy as an earnest crusade to uplift the masses against their will, and we all know there’s nothing more desperately unfunny. If only people didn’t feel the need to weigh in on issues and disrupt the president’s critical agenda when the president is obviously right, whether they be legislators or the U. See how, symbolically, the film treats President Shepherd’s courage to ignore the naysayers and push tough legislation to his courage to ignore the ethical concerns involved in dating a beautiful female lobbyist who is telling him what legislation to push—even though in the latter case the naysayers are obviously right.

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I mean, it hasn’t been a great year for any of us, really, unless you’re one of the few American citizens who got a $400,000 windfall for doing no useful work, either by winning it on a game show or getting it in donations for killing a black kid.

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