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"Eventually he admitted, "To be fair, if you really want to know anything, just look at my social media." So that means that the cute captions and adorable photos that make it appear like they are a couple prove that they really are dating.

Oshry Soffer asked the other big question that fans want to know: How did Adams and Hyland meet?

A month later they seemed to seal the deal (permanently) when they got tatted up with matching ink.

While matching tats may be a bit risqué this early on in the relaysh, the two love birds seem to be happy right now and we wish them all the best!

When Sarah came clean about their rocky relationship and the abusive behavior from Matt, we were all shocked.

After getting a restraining order and sharing her difficult story with the public, we give Sarah major props for staying so strong throughout the process! Ansel Elgort — When Sarah rang in her birthday this November — hosted by none other than Taylor Swift — some of Hollywood’s hottest faces were in attendance.

They split just around the time that the , Sarah dated the Troy Bolton wanna-be Jimmie Zara, a.k.a. During that 5-year gap, it was hard not to totally obsess over this celeb couple."Very proud to be with a man that thinks it's sexy when a woman speaks her mind and stands up for herself.Which, in my opinion, is VERY sexy @wellsadams (I'm also very proud of my @plannedparenthood pin)," she wrote.Recently, Sarah has taken up a new romance with her former co-star Dominic Sherwood, making their relationship practically permanent after just a month!Scroll through full list below of all of Sarah’s past “boyfriends”: 1.

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